What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of Graphic Designers?


Graphic designers, in general, can either make use of computer software or manually create visual concepts. These are then used to communicate different ideas that are aimed to inform, captivate, and inspire consumers and all those who see them. Companies and various organizations need such visual concepts to become more recognizable, especially with the use of images, colors, and logo designs which represent a certain identity or idea for promotion and advertising.

The most common duties of a graphic designer are as follows:

  • Meet with the art director or clients to identify the scope of a certain project
  • Make recommendations to clients on the proper strategies to reach the target market
  • Determine and describe the message that a design is supposed to portray
  • Come up with images that effectively conveys a message or identify a product
  • Create audio or visual images and graphics to be used for product logos, illustrations, and websites
  • Choose images, colors, layout, and text styles
  • Show and describe the design to the art director or the clients
  • Make the necessary adjustments according to the suggestions from the clients for the final design
  • Review layouts and designs before they get published or printed

Graphic designers integrate technology and art for the purpose of communicating ideas with the use of images as well as the layout of printed pages and web screens. It is also possible for them to utilize various design elements to make sure decorative and artistic effects are achieved. The design and layout they produce are the ones used by companies for advertisements, corporate reports, magazines, and even brochures.

Graphic designers do not only work with images, but they also deal with the text element. They need to be artistic enough to properly choose which color, size, font, and type of text to use. It is also up to them how the text and images should go together on a single screen or page, along with how much space should be between them. It is important also that graphic artists work with writers to determine what words or ideas should be included in which sentence or paragraph. These are very crucial elements in using text in any layout.

In most cases, graphic designers focus of a certain type of client of category. For instance, there are those who engage in motion pictures and print media, such as posters and signs.

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