Tips On Starting A Fashion Merchandising Career


If you love fashion, having a career in fashion merchandising will surely keep your heart beating with excitement and fun. Fashion merchandisers are the ones who make the decision as to what and how clothes are to be displayed in a store to make sure customers will be compelled to look around and eventually buy. As a fashion merchandiser, you will be playing an important role in the store’s effort to increase the profit margin. You can do this by effectively showing consumers the most stylish ways they could accessorize and wear their shoes, clothes, and even purses. If you want to be a successful fashion merchandiser, consider these pointers:

  • Acquire enough knowledge and skills in merchandising by choosing a reputable school offering fashion merchandising degree programs. You will find no trouble finding an art school with such programs as there are many of them out there. You may also consider taking an online fashion merchandising degree program, which is now really popular even among professional fashion designers.
  • Enhance your skills in merchandising by participating in apprenticeship programs. Keep in mind that learning about this field is not only limited to going to a university and earning a degree. Exposure will play a really important role in your development and progress as a fashion merchandiser. There are several stores with fashion designers who will allow you to observe how they do their job.
  • Continue reading fashion magazines. As a fashion merchandiser, you are expected to be current with all fashion styles and trends. Hence, you should form a habit of reading about what the latest trends in fashion. Through this, you will never feel like you have run out of ideas as to how a store should be designed.
  • Try to make your portfolio and resume as attractive as possible. You should also consider signing up for job placement agencies which could eventually help you find your way to bigger retail companies hunting for fashion merchandisers. Take time also to check out employment boards from several retailers’ websites.
  • Before you get any job interviews, see to it that you have enough knowledge about various clothing lines and fashion designers. You just have to read about what these designers are famous for and what fashion brands they have. Hearing such things from a fashion merchandiser is definitely a plus point for you when you apply for a job. Again, keeping yourself knowledgeable about the fashion world is something you should take seriously.

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