Online Interior Designing Degree: What To Expect From This Career


Interior designers are considered artists too. They design interior spaces and make sure all aspects are functional, beautiful and safe. The relaxing and luxurious hotel rooms you stay in are the work of professional interior designers. Even the beautiful shopping malls and ambient restaurants are works of interior designers.

Interior designers are great at what they do, as this is the only arts degree dealing with beautifying and designing interior spaces. Interior designers handpick everything you see inside a room. They decide the fabrics, furniture, layout, wallpapers, colors, lighting, finishes and other materials used inside a room. Interior designers do just pick whatever they want; they had formal schooling to determine the right style and motif for a room.

The Duties of An Interior Designer

An interior designer’s job is truly an enjoyable one but there is a lot of work to be done as well. An interior designer talks to the client to better understand the goals and requirements. During this time, the client will share his or her preferences and personal tastes. The interior designer advises the clients on the best use of space inside a room. Preliminary sketches are made to give the client an idea on what needs to be done.

Interior DesignerThe interior designer starts specifying the materials to be used in the room. He or she will consult with the client for approval. If the client likes it, the interior designer can proceed with the details of the project. The interior designer will also use computer programs to make more accurate designs and if possible, 3-D designs for better visualization.

On top of the designing, the interior designer must present a timeline of the tasks. This timeline will show how the project will go along and meet the deadline. With this, the interior designer has to present the estimated budget for the project. There are interior designers that are tied-up with contractors but the client can also provide his own contractor to build the room, home or building. The interior designer will work with the contractors and will visit the project location from time-to-time.

Back then, interior designers mostly did their work by hand through sketches and drawings. But now, they use computer aided design programs in their drawings. There are interior designers that choose to specialize in certain buildings, styles and rooms. For instance, a designer will only accept project for designing hotels, kitchens or Victorian style designs.

The Different Types Of Interior Designers

You can become a sustainable interior designer. This type of designer is focused on creating designs that improves indoor air quality, energy efficiency and water efficiency. They specify the use of eco-friendly products like bamboo or coconut husk rugs. Sustainable designers get certification from the LEED or Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design which is under the US Green Building Council. If a place has this type of certification, it means the room, space or building only uses eco-friendly materials and concepts.

Be An Interior DesignerYou can become a universal interior designer. These designers focus on renovating spaces and making them more accessible. Often, a universal designer is needed to improve rooms where old people and disabled people live.

You can become a kitchen and bath designer. These designers specialize in designing kitchen and bathrooms. They are experts in choosing kitchen appliances, bathroom furnishings, furniture, cabinets, plumbing, and lighting solutions in these rooms.

You can become a lighting designer. These designers specialize in lighting effect. They can work in galleries, museums or even work in stage productions. Moreover, lighting designers are needed to improve lighting effects and picking the right lighting fixtures and places like hospitals, libraries and nightclubs.

You can become a closet designer. This designer specializes in designing closet spaces. The ultimate goal for this designer is to maximize space and increase orderliness inside a home.

Becoming An Interior Designer

To become a topnotch designer, you must finish a bachelor’s degree in interior designing. There are online interior designing degrees available so you do not have to attend classes in campuses. This is beneficial for people studying abroad or those people living in an area without an interior designing degree program nearby.

The interior designing degree is available in three levels: associate, bachelors and master’s degree. The degree program should be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. For those who want to become kitchen and bathroom designers, the National Kitchen and Bath Association should accredit the degree program.

After earning your degree, you must prepare to get a license. Interior designers must get a license to be called registered interior designers. There are states that will require an interior designer to get a license while there are states that do not require it. The exam to be taken is called the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. To qualify for this exam, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in interior designing plus 2 years of work experience.

How about certifications? You can get voluntary certification if you choose to specialize in a specific type of design. This is what you need if you want to promote your expert services in a specific type of space, building or style. You can get these certifications through professional and trade associations.

Job Outlook And Pay

There is an expected 19% increase in employment for designers until 2020. The growth in the number of jobs is due to the need to respond to the needs of clients. More people want to improve the interiors of their homes and offices. Most importantly, more people want to make use eco-friendly home materials so they need interior designers to make the necessary changes.

On the other hand, the home remodeling projects for interior designers will also depend on the economic conditions. If the economy is good, people will have more money to get their homes remodeled. Companies are more willing to invest in long-term projects like this since they make budget projections early on despite economic conditions. Furthermore, companies have to retain their company image to their consumers.

The median annual wage for interior designers is $46,280. Those working in architectural and engineering related services can earn $51,990 a year while those in specialized design services earn $45,280 a year.

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