Online Fashion Designing Degree: Are You The Next Coco Chanel?


Fashion will be around everywhere and the best thing about it is that it will keep on evolving. Fashion greatly affects how a person dresses up today. The fashion industry dictates society today about what to wear and what not to wear. Although not everyone follows the fashion trends, it is still pleasing to the eyes to see outfit that looks well put together, don’t you agree?

If you are someone who has always loved fashion, you should take up an online fashion designing degree. This does not mean that you have to be a trend follower since every person follows his or her own fashionable style. In fashion designing, you have the opportunity to express yourself through clothing. You can design high fashion clothing, go for smart casual or go for street wear. It will really depend on where you are most passionate about. So, do you think you got a shot at being the next Coco Chanel?

The Job Of A Fashion Designer

Fashion designers do not only make designs for clothing, they also design bags, accessories and footwear as well. They sketch the designs and are responsible for picking fabrics and patterns to be used. There are fashion designers who are pattern makers and sewers too but some are not. If they are not, they will just instruct the sewer on how to make the clothing.

Fashion DesignerFashion designers are not all about sketching and designing, they have to study the fashion trends too. To make sure that they earn money through their designs, it should be original and appealing to the public. Fashion designers have to anticipate designs that will click. Often, fashion designers create their own collection; they are the ones who decide on the overall theme and color motif too.

Back then, fashion designers draw sketches manually and up until today, many designers are very comfortable doing this. But, there are those who also use computer-aided design programs (CAD) to make their designs as well.

Fashion designers contact manufacturers so they can get the first look on fabric samples. Getting unique fabrics is very important to these designers. Fabric can make or break a specific design. If the fabric is printed, the more that the designer will need to get it exclusively. On top of the fabric choice, the fashion designer will have to look for embellishments, accessories and everything needed to make the design come to life.

There are fashion designers who choose to work on a collection alone especially those who are still starting. Eventually, they hire people who can help them to make sure all orders are met. The head designer is the one who will make the design while the staff can work on putting embellishments, beading, pattern making and sewing.

Fashion designers can work on his or her own brand. There are those who work for apparel companies to create designs for footwear, clothing and accessories. Also, there are some fashion designers who choose to specialize on making a particular item like shoes only. However, fashion designers have the ability to make all three without any problem at all. Designers have to be very creative, up-to-date and find inspiration everywhere.

Different Types Of Fashion Designers

You can become a clothing designer. This type of fashion designer works on creating designs for men, women and kids apparel. Clothing styles include casual wear, outerwear, eveningwear, formal wear, sportswear, maternity clothing and intimate apparel.

You can become a footwear designer. This type of fashion designer specializes in designing different shoe styles including boots, heels, flats, pumps, wedges, rubber shoes and many more. They have to find the best lightweight materials that will provide utmost comfort and style to the customer.

You can become an accessory designer. This type of fashion designer specializes in designing handbags, fashionable accessories (necklace, bangles, rings and earrings), belts, hats, eyewear, scarves and other clothing accessories.

You can become a costume designer. This type of fashion designer is someone who wants to work in theater, movie or TV productions. This fashion designer specializes in designing costumes for artists. He or she will take orders from the director in making the right costumes. The fashion designer makes sure that all costumes are well under the budget given.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing DegreeIn becoming a fashion designer, earning a post-secondary degree is not required. However, earning a bachelor’s degree will be a big help in enhancing your skills and getting the formal training you need. You can enroll in online certificate programs in fashion designing if you simply want to learn the introduction and basics. But, if you are really serious about this career, it is best that you enroll in an online fashion designing degree program.

Fashion designers working in the fashion industry will be helped by formal education. This degree program will teach students about learning design kills and how to use CAD technology to make designs. Another important thing about earning a formal degree is the technical understanding of the production process. This is something that employers will look for. Moreover, fashion designing students can enhance their creativity through constant practice under the coursework of the degree program.

Post-secondary education can last from 2 to 4 years depending on the degree you chose. Some fashion designers decide to take up fashion merchandising to better understand the business side of fashion. This will include production, selling, management, locating suppliers, calculating costs and promotion of products. Some prefer to enroll in majors that have something to do with textiles and fabrics.

The school you must enroll in should be accredited by the National Association of School of Art and Design for your degree to be recognized. You will also need to build a portfolio that serves as a collection of all your best designs. Your portfolio will showcase your skills and talents in fashion designing. This is what employers use to gauge your creativity and talent.

Training to become a fashion designer takes place through internship programs. This is the time where you will immerse in the fashion industry and gain experience. You can work as an assistant designer or an assistant to a designer. Take this as an opportunity to build your knowledge on design processes, textiles and colors. In addition, this is the time to understand more about the fashion industry and how it works.

Career advancement in fashion designing is possible. With years of work experience, you can become a creative director, chief designer or even a design department head for a company you are working for. You can also have a supervisory position and oversee the fashion brands of a company.

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