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Creating any form of artwork is a way of expressing yourself. Many people find it easier to express their thoughts and emotion through art forms like writing, painting, drawing or even playing music. This allows them to squeeze their creative juices and make unique and personal art works. What if you are really good at what you do? Can you make a career out of this?

There is nothing greater than having your hobby or interest as a career. Not only will you be doing what you love forever, you will be earning money at the same time. Surely, it will not even feel like work at all. If you choose to become a craft or fine artist, you will have the ability to use different types of art materials and techniques. You can either sell your art works to earn money or work for an employer that needs your skills and talents. Truly, this is one of the most enjoyable careers to have.

What Are The Duties Of A Craft And Fine Artist?

You may wonder what makes a fine artist different from that of a multimedia artist. The main difference is how they create art works. Fine artists use their hands to manually create art works like painting, sculptures, pottery, glassware and textiles. Multimedia artists use computers to create their art works. Craft or fine artists include sculptors, painters and illustrators. The major goal of an artist like this is to create art work for aesthetic value rather than its function.

Online DegreesA craft or fine artist will use techniques like drawing, painting, knitting, glass blowing, weaving, and sculpting. The artist must use his own creativity to develop ideas and new methods to create the art. Before the end product, the artist has to create sketches, templates and models as guides for their work.

After which, they have to select the materials they have to use. The materials will depend on the strength, texture, color and other qualities the artist wants to achieve. An artist has to consider the different processes used in creating the artwork. He or she also has to consider visual elements, the artistic effects, composition, perspective, space and color.

The collection of work of an artist is seen in his or her portfolio. This is how an artist markets himself to clients and employers. There are artists who have their own galleries where their works are exhibited. Galleries can be in the form of private homes or online galleries.

Artists have to create beautiful and poignant art works. It should be able to communicate with other people. Their means of expression is very important. They can work with numerous materials to be successful in allowing their artwork to communicate with people. Aside from painting, sculpting and drawing, craft or fine artists can also express themselves through designing furniture, jewelry and even clothing.

Craft or fine artists can work as art directors in art galleries and museums. They can also be curators and work in setting up exhibits. There are fine artists that choose to teach arts and crafts through conducting workshop classes or being an art teacher in schools.

Becoming A Craft Or Fine Artist

To become an artist, you are not required to complete formal schooling. However, many craft or fine artists choose to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts. These people really want to have a serious career as an artist. Holding a degree will not only increase their chance of landing a good job, it will also help improve their art skills and talents.

Online fine arts degrees are available to anyone who is interested. There are different levels of degrees from associate to doctorate degrees; although most fine art degrees will already end with a master’s degree. Formal schooling will help in enhancing an artist’s skills and it is needed to learn more about the adequate artistic skills.

Fine ArtistsThe minimum requirement to get into an online fine arts degree program is just a high school diploma. Having taken classes in art back in high school will help in building the foundation of basic art skills like sewing, drawing and coloring. A bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts will include subjects like art history, studio art, English, natural science and social subjects. If you want to specialize in a specific field of Fine Arts, you must pursue a master’s degree later on.

A great benefit of earning your bachelor’s degree is to make a beautiful portfolio. Your portfolio can show your journey in learning the arts. This is where you can showcase all your art works for your early years in college up until your graduation. Clients, art directors and anyone who is interested in hiring your services always ask a portfolio of your creations.

Those craft or fine artists who want to teach in elementary and secondary schools will need a teaching certificate on top of the bachelor’s degree. For those artists who want to apply for managerial and administrative positions, they will need to pursue an advanced degree in fine arts.

What is the training like? Online fine art degree programs train craft or fine art students through constant practice and repetition. This is the best way to master the art techniques. As they say, practice makes perfect and this hold true for craft or fine art artists. Studying and analyzing a specific artwork will help fine art students learn techniques that they can apply on their own art works. Further, working with other artists through internship programs will be a big help in gaining experience and exploring the world of art better.

Important Artist Qualities

Apart from the art skills, principles, methods and techniques to learn, a fine artist has to develop qualities in order to have a successful career. An artist should have the artistic ability and creativity. These things are natural to a person and formal schooling enhances these qualities. Artistic ability is being able to make the artwork appealing while creativity makes the artwork unique and original. Further, a fine arts artist should have good interpersonal skills to talk to clients, art directors and the public. They must be able to convey the meaning of their art works through words as well.

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