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Do you want to lead a group of artists to make the best productions, shows, exhibits, galleries and what not in the art world? You can do so by becoming an art director. An art director is someone who will determine the best art work, design element or photographs to use for a certain project. Just like in movies, the director directs everything.

Art directors take on the important role of deciding the best images and visual styles to be used in magazines, packaging, newspapers, TV or movie productions. They are the ones who makes the overall design and lead the staff to develop the layout and art works needed. This is certainly a fun and enjoyable job but it will require a lot of training to become an art director.

The Life Of An Art Director

Online Art DegreesAn art director has a lot of thinking to do. He or she is the one to determine the best way to represent a visual concept. Art is meant to be conveyed to people and the art director should decide on which art forms, design elements and photos to communicate with the audience. The art director is someone who will make the overall style to be followed for an advertisement campaign, a film set or a theater production set.

On top of all the thinking, the art director will direct and supervise the staff. After disseminating the tasks, he or she will review and approve the works submitted. The art director is the one who will consult with clients regarding the artistic style required. Also, the art director will be in-charge of making the budget and timeline.

Art directors oversee the work of all artists and designers in a project. This project can be live performances, video games, movies or advertisements. Art works that are submitted for approval includes movie sets, graphics, stages, photographs, illustrations and many more. Art directors have to make sure that the tone and style of the art works work together with the overall theme he created.

Art directors will work with many types of people but it will depend on the project assigned. For instance, if the project is about a commercial advertisement, the art director will work with the art and design staff of the company, public relations, newspapers publishers and magazine publishers. If the art director specializes in movie, theater or TV, he or she will work with producers and directors.

Art directors working in publishing have the duty of overseeing the page layouts of magazines and newspapers. Sometimes, they also do cover arts for periodicals and books. Art directors here also work with web publications.

Art directors working in advertising and PR are always working closely with clients. Clients want to get a desired message across and the art director will make this possible through visual concepts.

Art directors working in movie production work closely with directors to be able to create sets needed in the film. The art director will work with a staff and supervise it to complete set designs.

Becoming An Art Director

The minimum requirement to become an art director is a bachelor’s degree in art or design. Most art directors are previously illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, fine artists, set designers, industrial designers and other art and design occupations. In achieving these jobs, they have to complete a Bachelor of Arts or fine arts degree. However, to become an art director, this degree will not be enough.

Career In Art DesignsThe position of an art director is a managerial one, which means that it is best to complete a master’s degree to achieve this position. Bachelor and master’s degree are available online. Students who graduated high school can enroll in online arts and design majors before pursuing a master’s degree. Those who are already working as an artist can enroll in an online master’s degree program to get advanced training and become an art director.

On top of the education, the work experience of an art director is very important in landing the job. Often, only applicants with at least 3-5 years of work experience on an art and design occupation are accepted to become an art director.

Art directors should be educated, trained and experienced but they have to possess important qualities to be successful in their jobs. For one, they should be creative. Art directors are known for their genius ideas and portrayal of visual concepts. They should keep their creative juices running. Art directors should be analytical. They need to make sure that all art aspects work together perfectly. In addition, they should be communicable. When working with a group of people, it is important you have good interpersonal skills to avoid any misunderstanding with tasks.

The Career Of An Art Director

In 2010, there were 73,900 jobs for art directors. 12% of these art directors work in advertising and public relations. 6% worked for newspaper, magazines, books and periodical publishers. Only 3% works in motion picture and videos and 3% works in specialized design services. In advertising and public relations, the increased in jobs will be about 2,600 while 700 jobs will be created in specialized design services.

The expected increase of employment growth for art directors is 9% until 2020. They are needed to oversee the work of current photographers, graphic designers and illustrators. Although there will be a decline in jobs in the print publications due to the electronic publications, this is good news too. There will be job growth for online publications. Instead of designing magazines and print layouts, art directors will be more focused on creating web pages.

An art director’s median annual wage is $80,630. The lowest 10% will earn less than $42,840 while the top 10% will earn more than $163,430. Art directors working in different industries will earn differently too. Those working in the video and movie industries can earn as much as $108,860. Those working in specialized design services can earn $85,130. Those working in advertising and public relations earn $82,770. Art directors work full-time and can even work overtime to meet deadlines.

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