How Much Would It Cost To Get An Art Degree Online?


When thinking of taking an online art degree, you have to consider how much it will cost you. Money is hard to come by nowadays so you should manage your finances wisely. Your education is very important in your career. It is something you need to invest on but make sure that your money is invested well. An online art degree is an investment in your career as an artist in the future. Would you be able to save money enrolling in an online art degree program? How much would it cost you?

There is a big misunderstanding about the cost on online degrees. People think that they are cheaper; this is true to an extent. Tuition fees for traditional and online degrees are actually quite the same. Professors and instructors put in the same effort in the learning materials in both coursework. The goals of both degrees are the same too. If you are looking for an online art degree that will offer quality training, the prices will not have a big difference. However, pursuing an online degree is quite cheaper compared to a traditional one. This is because of the reduction of the other expenditures. Since you will only be staying home, you need not pay for rent, food, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

So, how much should you expect to pay for an online art degree? For online degrees, you pay on a per-courses basis. This allows the student to be flexible with this schedule and subjects. In addition, online students have the benefit of not paying any non-residential premiums. On-campus colleges charge a huge premium to students who are not residents of that specific state.

Most online colleges will charge $150-$300 per credit. You can expect to pay $700-$900 per 3-credit course. Given this rate, a full online degree that will include learning material you need will cost around $7,500 per semester. The rates for online certificate courses are cheaper because of the fewer courses they need to take. It will only cost around $5,000.

If you are currently working, you may want to seek the help of your employer in funding for your education. The U.S. federal government is also giving financial aid to students who want to enroll in online degree programs.

The cost of your online art degree will be nothing compared to the opportunities it will bring you once you graduate. An online art degree is a good investment. Since its return on your knowledge and skills is worth more than what you spent.

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