Facts You Need To Know About Fashion Merchandising Degrees And Careers


Do you end up being a critic whenever you go window shopping? Are you up-to-date with the most recent fashion trends? If you answer yes to both questions, then you will likely make a good fashion merchandising expert. Those who engage in the field of fashion merchandising are not necessarily fashion designers. They are just interested in fashion, but not to the extent of producing their own designs. In studying to become a fashion merchandising specialist, you will get the skills in sales and management.

What Is a Career in Fashion Merchandising All About?

Fashion merchandising is regarded as the business side of the world of fashion. The concept of merchandising is the integration of trends, style, marketing, and promotions. Just like any other job in the fashion industry, fashion merchandising is a very competitive and exciting field. Having to promote and merchandise fashion labels, trends, designers, and models is also a very glamorous job.

Considering the fact that this business is high profile, companies and even stores are always looking to hire well trained and experienced promotions staff. By having a degree or having undergone an intensive training will certainly make you a marketable prospect. And so, it will be very important that you get the right coursework, adequate work experience, and solid training to make sure that you get your spot in the fashion merchandising world.

Training in Fashion Merchandising

It is very typical for merchandising training courses to dwell more on merchandising and business principles. In such a training program, you will be required to take up courses related to evaluating competition, profit margins, tracking sales, and learning about new trends. It would be an advantage if you have a solid background in spreadsheets and computer analysis.

The courses you may choose to take in a merchandising training program will be beneficial not only to the store or company you work for, but also for you personally particularly when you decide to have your own group or firm. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed, more than 25% of fashion designers are freelancers or self employed. And so, if you are hoping to get your own clients eventually, you will need the training in fashion merchandising a lot.

There are now a lot of schools offering fashion merchandising degree programs, and this would include online schools. The availability of online degree programs in fashion merchandising has really encouraged a lot of newcomers as well as current fashion designers to enhance their skills through further and advanced studies as well. By taking the right training and degree program in fashion merchandising, you will surely be on your way to a great career in the world of fashion.

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