Wondering What Job Opportunities Are There For Math And Statistics Degree?


A lot of industries, such as healthcare, engineering, operations research, finance, design, drafting, accounting, physics, and business, place a lot of value into math and statistics skills. Research fields, in particular, are always in need of the expertise of experienced statisticians. With a math and statistics degree, these are the careers that you can pursue:

Math teacher: as a math teacher, whether for high school or university students, you will present and instruct different math techniques, theories, and problem solving procedures. Most math educators are employed in schools, but it is also possible for teachers to work as private tutors. It is very important for teachers to be experts in math, and also they should possess strong communications skills and willingness to deal with students.

The basic qualification to teach math is a bachelor’s degree along with a teaching certification. By constantly advancing their educational level and teaching skills, math teachers can look forward to higher income.

Statistician: statistical work involves the application of math principles to the gathering, analysis and application of numerical information. Statisticians also design different types of surveys, analyze information, and even process data. The skills of a statistician are always needed by many governmental, medical, and even political decisions.

Statisticians can work for the government with the task of creating surveys that can measure unemployment rate, consumer prices, and population growth. They may also get positions in agricultural, environmental, or scientific agencies where they are tasked to determine what levels of chemicals are present in the drinking water. They may also record the number of people struggling with a certain health condition in a particular location.

Mathematician: a mathematician makes use of advanced math techniques and principles as tools for solving different problems. A theoretical mathematician is always looking to come up with new theories that will help figure out connections among existing math principles.

In general, these types of mathematicians work as professors in universities and help students learn and conduct research. On the other hand, applied math majors utilize math models, principles and techniques in order to solve practical problems. Applied mathematicians are usually in demand in the fields of science, engineering, economics, and government.

Actuary: an actuary aids businesses in assessing the risks that come with particular courses of actions and events. They are also the ones who formulate various procedures and policies aimed at minimizing the financial costs of the risks. Actuaries can be employed in insurance firms where they analyze data and project the possibility of loss of property, injury, disability, and death.

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