What Undergraduate Accounting Degree Program Can You Take Online?


Accounting is without a doubt one of the most desirable jobs out there today. Not only is this profession a stable one, but there are also a number of employment opportunities awaiting those who graduate from an accounting degree program. When online education started to be recognized, online accounting degrees were actually one of the first degree programs than became available. In the undergraduate level, online accounting courses cover such areas as auditing, federal taxation, financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, and budgeting. Typically, an undergraduate level in accounting can lead to bachelor’s degrees or even post baccalaureate certificates.

Online Associate’s Degree Program in Accounting

By taking an online associate’s degree program in accounting, you would learn every basic aspect of effective business record keeping, federal tax requirements, and financial reporting requirements. There are several areas of specialization also to choose from, such as non-profit accounting, taxation, and fraud examination.

Before a student graduates from an online associate program in this field, it is expected that he or she would have excellent math skills along with their ability to detect and even avoid calculation errors. It is also recommended that students in this program try to gain as much information and experience as they can in computers, particularly database and spreadsheet applications.

Program Requirements and Information

In general, it may take only two full academic years to complete an associate’s degree program in accounting. The good news for many students is the fact that this program is widely offered by many universities on a full online program. But there are hybrid certificate programs in accounting as well. In a hybrid program, students are required to attend some classes to be held in the campus while most of the classes can still be taken online. Basically, the requirements for admission to this program are a high school diploma or the GED equivalent.

Employment Information for Graduates

By taking an online associate’s degree program in accounting, students become eligible for several clerk-level positions in various areas, such as payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, auditing, and general accounting. There are many accounting certificate holders who also pursue careers as bookkeepers and tax preparers.

If you happen to be employed in a certain company and you wish to be considered for promotion, you may consider taking a bachelor’s degree program in accounting. You wouldn’t necessarily have to spend 4 year to earn this as the credits you have taken in your associate’s program may be accredited.

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