What Jobs Are Out There For Commerce Graduates?


Commerce is described as the trade or exchange of services and goods. This is also considered as the basic foundation of business, which also includes a variety of career fields, such as finance, sales, and logistics. For any commerce graduate to find a spot in any related industry, he should have the appropriate educational background, specialties, as well as experience in the field.

In order to pursue any career in commerce, you will need to earn a degree in business, either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. You should also have a background in such coursework as math, logistics, economics, and finance. It would be very helpful also if you get to an institution in which you will be aided in looking for internship programs. Having various internship opportunities will allow you to apply all the things you have learned in class to the workplace itself.

Aside from the fact that your skills will be enhanced through the internship programs, this will also pave the way for you to build some sort of business relationship with a lot of future employers. This is very important as this industry can get so competitive, so you will need any connection or networking that you could possibly have.


For any business to maintain the flow of profit, superb financial analysis and record keeping are vital. Commerce majors specializing in accounting are an essential part of many companies’ executive team, which is responsible for ensuring that the firm is making effective and sound financial decisions. Accountants conduct analysis of the financial reports which they also prepare. Aside from this, they also are in charge of budgeting and fiscal planning.


Purchasing managers are the ones who acquire the materials needed by a business to manufacture products to be sold in the market. Purchase managers look into inventory and sales records as they are concerned not only with cost, but efficiency as well. As a purchase manager, you may choose to work in retail or wholesale manufacturers or stores.


In commerce, financial exchanges are also known as securities exchanges such as mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. These exchanges are conducted by stockbrokers, investors, and even financial service agents. As a financial service expert, you will be working alongside the people or institutions conducting deals worth hundreds or even millions of dollars. The responsibilities and tasks you will have will actually depend on the specialization you have.

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