Reasons For Choosing A Degree On Accountancy


If you ask your high school classmates about the college degree they want to pursue, some of them will definitely answer accounting. If you ask them why, they will tell you that they want to earn huge amounts of money someday. It is a fact that accountants earn a high salary but it is not the only reason why you should choose a degree in accountancy.

There are many good reasons why a career in accountancy will do you well. If you want to run your own business, knowing how to manage your finances will be the key to your business growth and success. If you prefer working for an employer, there are numerous accounting jobs available. Today, accounting jobs are highly paid and accountants are badly needed by companies. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose an accountancy degree in college.

To be more exact, here are the best reasons why you should pursue an accounting degree:

  • Career options- Upon graduating, you are faced with many career opportunities. Working in a public accounting firm will also help broaden the available types of jobs for you. You can become a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, finance manager, accounting manager, controller, tax auditor, tax preparer and other middle-level and higher-level positions in the accounting and finance department. All of these positions are compensated well.
  • Compensation- With the strong demand for accountants today, the starting salaries are becoming more competitive. Starting salaries continue to rise which is always good for undergraduate students who are majoring in accounting. After a few years, you can expect the salary to rise even more in both the private industry and public accounting. As you gain more experience, your salary can each six figures.
  • Validation- Just like engineers, you can validate yourself apart from the other professionals in the business world. As you are equipped with unique skills and knowledge, being an accountant is highly valuable and respected.
  • Security- The shortage of accountancy jobs will offer job security. After rigorous training in your college years, landing a secure job that will be your main source of income will be a huge sigh of relief.

A degree in accountancy will lead to a successful and fruitful career ahead. Aside from your career, personal growth will also be achieved. Accounting jobs are fun and enjoyable. You get to enjoy the numerous rewards of being an accountant and having a stable job.

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