Pursing A Career In Accounting And The Top Online Accounting Degrees


Despite the global economic crisis and poor economic performance of various countries around the world especially the United States, demands and jobs in the business sector still increases probably due to the greater need for people expert on business, finance, and accounting. To survive the economic downturns experienced by countries, businesses must have expert and skilled employees that are highly trained and well knowledgeable in fighting this economic crisis and making business operations more stable and efficient.

Among the business-related courses, one of the most popular nowadays is accounting. Just like in most courses nowadays, accounting degree programs are also becoming more accessible and varied providing the students and aspiring certified accountants wide options in choosing the best degree program that will suit them. A lot of schools are now offering different types of accounting degree programs such as the conventional education programs, advanced or accelerated programs, dual degree programs, and online degree programs in accounting.

What Is Accounting And The Nature Of Work

Online AccountingBefore we discuss the degree programs in accounting, let us first discuss what accounting is and the functions and roles of an accounting graduate and certified public accountant. In basic description, accounting is the way to study, analyze, and interpret the financial situation of a business. It involves assessments of assets and liabilities, as well as cash flows and the possible future of the business and its finances.

Every business must have accounting in order to survive. Accountants handle a lot of things and areas in the business such as credits, payrolls, assets, taxes, payables, and receivables. They also often make important reports for the business such as the statement of profit and loss, assets and liabilities report, retained equity, and balance sheets.

Top Online Bachelor’s Degree In Accounting

Pursuing a career in accounting can provide great career opportunities in the future especially if you invest in quality education and training. Earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting will be the first step in becoming a certified public accountant and earning your degree through online education is also available. Here are some of the top online degree programs in accounting in the country.

  1. University Of Alabama At Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham is one of the best universities in the country that has received various awards and recognitions for their education programs. The university is one of the 11 schools in the country that won the coveted Beckman Scholars Award for the university’s excellent training program for undergraduate researchers. Based on the US News & World Report, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is also one of the best universities in 2012 and accounting students also gained various recognitions winning competitions in many prestigious student investment conferences around the world.

The university offers accounting degrees that can be completed fully online through the university’s School of Business. The faculty members who are giving the on-campus accounting courses also give the online courses.

The university receives accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. All the business and accounting degree programs, on-campus and online are also fully accredited by the AACSB or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

  1. Colorado State University  Global Campus

The Global Campus represents the official online school of the prestigious Colorado State University and was established in 2007. The Global Campus offers online bachelor’s degree in business management focusing on the Foundations of Accounting. Faculty members for the on-campus courses are also the one handling the online courses. The online degree programs offered by the Colorado State University – Global Campus have been recognized as equivalent or equivalent to the conventional degree programs.

The university’s Global Campus currently holds a regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association.

  1. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a private institution located in Manchester and is also recognized as one of the best colleges based on the US News ranking and also one of the top 50 most innovative schools worldwide according to Fast Company – a popular business magazine. SNHU was also ranked first by the SuperScholar.org website in terms of online bachelor’s degree program.

The university offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in accounting preparing students for a great career in the world of business. The online accounting programs concentrate on accounting principles, auditing, taxation, and financial analysis. The university’s online accounting education program is also considered to be one of the most flexible programs providing students the chance to choose from two different specialties which can be automatically completed after completing the bachelor’s degree such as forensic accounting and accelerated accounting.

The Accreditation Council for Business School and Program, and the European Council for Business Education accredit the online business and accounting programs.

  1. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the country and provides wide arrays of accredited online degree programs equivalent their on-campus programs. The university offers an online undergraduate degree program in accounting focusing on the fundamentals of accounting, cost accounting, auditing, and business laws. The curriculum requires 48 credit units on general education, 27 credit units on business, 33 on accounting, and 12 for electives for a total of 120 credit units.

Saint Leo University School of Business is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and will only accept transfer of credits from other regionally accredited schools or colleges.

  1. Post University

Post University in Connecticut was one of the first academic institutions that provided business education programs through distance or online learning in the state. The Us News & World Report also ranks the university as one of the best online universities. The university’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business offers online accounting programs through one-on-one online lectures and discussions. The program is designed to provide students the foundation of accounting and prepare graduates for the accounting licensure exam.

The Commission on Institution for Higher Education accredits the university while the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business is currently processing accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Job Outlook In Accounting

According to the US BLS, the median annual income of accountants employed in the country is around $61,690 with the highest 10% earning as much as $106,000 or higher every year. Employment growth for accounting professions is also expected to increase 16% for the next 10 years providing great job opportunities for future and aspiring accountants.

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