Overview And Job Outlook For Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree


Accounting careers are some of the most lucrative and well-respected jobs in the country. They are known to have prestigious jobs working in corporations, banks, and accounting firms. Despite the global economic crisis affecting major countries around the world for the past years, accounting careers have remained in demand. Pursuing a career in business and accounting can be a good decision especially if you are into business and finances. However, before deciding to pursue this profession, it is important to understand first what this profession really is.

Duties And Scope Of Work Of An Accountant

Accounting is an important aspect of every business because this is one of the main languages used by businesses to interpret their financial and overall situation. Accounting provides the data that will make complicated information about the business more understandable to the member of staffs, shareholders, and the general public.

In various businesses and companies, accountants are the professionals who keep track of the numbers related to the business and interpret these numbers for easier understanding. It is also their job to make sure that the business and its operation runs well. Accountants can also work in different work settings since almost all industries require accounting to run efficiently.

Duties And Scope Of Work Of An AccountantAccountants can work in government agencies, in private and public workplaces, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations. Those who have acquired enough experience put up and run their own accounting firms providing consultation and accounting services to individual clients, small businesses, and communities.

The term public accountant generally refers to accountants working in public accounting firms. They usually handle auditing, management consulting, and tax services. Accountants who are working for private industries handle and manage the company’s finances and make sure that business runs smoothly. They also make sure that the company’s practices follow the policies and codes imposed by the government and regulating bodies.

Those working for government agencies have duties that are also quite the same with accountants working in public accounting firms. However, government agencies hire additional accounting specialists such as forensic accountants in order to focus and investigate accounting issues related to fraud and theft.

To become an accountant, a person must first finish the necessary education and training requirements then pass the licensure exam to become a CPA or certified public accountant. Gaining this license will provide greater job opportunities and career options for an accountant.

Earning Your Accounting Degree Through Online Education

The first step to become an accountant is to complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting. These degree programs usually require 4 to 5 years of study depending on the school and the curriculum offered. Just like with other popular online courses, accounting education programs are also now widely available and offered by various traditional schools and online education providers.

Although there are many schools offering online degree programs in accounting, it is important to choose the school and program accredited by the regulating bodies or organizations so you can qualify for the licensure exam.

A lot of aspiring professionals nowadays prefer online programs because of the opportunity to complete a degree while also working through part-time studies. Many schools that are offering online accounting degree programs offer flexible study schedule for those who want to study part-time. Cost of online accounting degrees can also be more affordable compared to traditional programs not only because of cheaper tuition but also in terms of more savings from travel, lodging, and food expenses.

Best Online Accounting Degree Programs

In this competitive job market, finishing your degree with flying colors and gaining your education from reputable schools can provide big advantage when finding jobs later on. This is why some people prefer to study from reputable schools only that provide quality education. If you want to earn your accounting degree through online education, then here are some of the best schools offering the best accredited online accounting degree programs in the country.

1)      Penn State University (Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting)

2)      Northeastern University (Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management)

3)      Colorado State University Global Campus (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

4)      Bellevue University (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

5)      Indiana Wesleyan University (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

6)      University of Minnesota Crookston (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

7)      Brenau University (Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting)

8)      Post University (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

9)      Liberty University (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

10)   Rasmussen College: Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Online accounting degree programs are also the same with the conventional degree programs in terms of core coursework, which include quantitative analysis, principles of accounting, business communications, business law, auditing principles, macroeconomics, and taxation.

Salary And Job Outlook For Online Accounting Degree Graduates

Instead of causing downward direction on the employment for future accountants, the financial crisis and the downturns in the global economy actually pushed more employment opportunities for accountants plus the continuous globalization of various industries all over the world. In order to ensure that businesses run efficiently and prepared from uncontrolled market conditions, more corporations required the expertise of accounting experts increasing the demand for accountants.

According to the US News and World Report, accounting is the 3rd most in demand degree today with finance, and computer and information science as the top and second degrees, respectively. Accounting also belongs to the top 5 most sought-after majors by the federal government based on the survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Employment growth for accounting careers is expected to increase 16% from year 2010 to 2020, which is just as fast as the average growth in other occupations.

Some of the most popular career options for graduates of online accounting degree programs are tax examiner, budget analyst, risk manager, and financial adviser for individual clients and even small businesses. Earning a license as a CPA or certified public accountant can open better career options and higher income opportunities.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, accountants employed in the country earn median income of about $62,000 in 2012. The highest 10% earners receive roughly $110,000 yearly. Accounting careers that pay high salary are those from the federal executive branch. Areas that provide the highest pay for accountants are the city of New York, San Jose in California, and Nassau in New York.

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