How Long Will It Take You To Earn A Master’s Degree In Economics?


In a very competitive world like what we have today, there is no doubt that good education is something that everyone should have. You can just imagine how fierce the competition is in terms of landing a good and well paying job. This is the reason why you need to make the smartest decision as to what course or degree program you are going to take in college. While it is normally enough that you earn a bachelor’s degree to get a decent job, you can still consider getting a higher degree, like a master’s in economics, to broaden your career options and make yourself eligible for the best possible positions out there.

Although it is ideal for students to pursue a higher degree, there are many factors that may affect their decision to do so. Of course, additional years of study mean more funds for education. In addition, you will be concerned about how long it will take you to earn this degree. If you are thinking of taking a master’s degree program in economics, you will find this article useful in terms of knowing the amount of time you need to invest for your education.

Master’s Degree in Economics

Generally speaking, it takes 2 full academic years to complete a master’s degree in economics. But you may also find universities that offer this program that can be completed in a single year. And so, it is essential that you do your research on the universities and colleges offering these programs.

Electives and Main Courses

In a bachelor’s degree in economics program, there will be general courses to take, along with those that are directly related to economics. On the other hand, there are several required courses that graduate students in economics need to take throughout the master’s degree program. Some of the primary mandatory courses for graduate students are statistics, calculus, mathematical economics, accounting, macroeconomics, and microeconomics.


In a graduate degree program in economics, students are required to do a thesis research paper. This is indeed one of the most important and challenging requirements in order t pass a graduate course. The length that is required for a thesis research paper may vary according to what the school requires. Generally, students work on their thesis on the last semester of the master’s program. To be able to come up with an outstanding thesis research program, students need to consult with their advisor.

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