Do Accountants Like Their Jobs?


Like other professions, many accountants like their jobs while others do not. It seems that it fairly boils down to what kind of person you are, what sort of benefits or compensation you are receiving as an accountant and the stress levels you would have to endure as part of your job. If you were in another profession, say, in Engineering, you would encounter the same dilemma. Everybody comes to this point in their lives at one point or another when they are stuck in crossroads deciding if they still want to stay or move on.

  • Personality

Many accounting introverts just like staying in their little office cubicles, generating numbers and figures, compiling them into a readable statement to be assessed by higher management. After generating these figures, they go ahead and focus other tasks at hand, like making sure taxes are paid and contributions are made up to date. Others find this job boring and repetitive so they switch over to Finance.

People in Finance who have backgrounds in accounting are sought after and are usually paid a tad more than their introverted counterparts are. Many accountants who are good with people and process handling end up with operational or managerial roles.

  • Work Environment

I have heard of people who are compensated so little yet stay in the company for years. This is because the work environment allows them to relax and mingle with friends. Accountants would have to stay in front of the computer most of their work hours and this can be quite tedious. If the company encouraged small activities allowing for some interaction between colleagues, then accountants would not have idle thoughts of leaving and dreaming of greener pastures.

Allowing time for relaxing and interaction proves beneficial for both introverted and extroverted employees. This gives some time off for introverts to stay out of their cubicles. This also gives the extrovert time to do what he normally does – mingle. This way, he will not have to shift over to Finance just to be able to have someone they can talk.

Suffice to say, it all boils down to how the accountant is treated in the workplace and how much flexibility is allowed for him to be able to do his job without sacrificing personal needs. Though money plays a big part in how you like your job, it does not compensate for how well you really like what you are doing and how you are able to do it.

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