BS Accountancy – When Can I Graduate?


When planning for your future, it will be good to know how many years to invest in your studying. This way, you can have a detailed timeline of your career. Having a plan will help you keep track of your goals and objectives. But for now, you must know how long it will take you to get you BS Accountancy degree, which is a degree that aspiring accountants need to complete.

There are different types of degrees for you get an accounting education. The length of your study will depend on the type of degree you take and the specialization you will pursue. An associate degree is the lowest level of accounting degree you can take. It is completed with 18-24 months only. It will be a good degree to know about the basics of accounting but if you want a more comprehensive coursework, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree in Accountancy will take 36-48 months. That will be 3-4 years, which is just the normal duration for any bachelor’s degree. Throughout your study, you will learn everything about accounting that you need to know. A BS Accountancy degree is your ticket to starting a career in the accounting field. This is what employers will look for when hiring accountants. Thus, you must make sure you complete your BS Accountancy degree to make a great career for yourself.

After a bachelor’s degree, you have the option to pursue a master’s degree. This will take 15-24 months. Those who want a specialization will need a master’s degree. Not all accountants will like to pursue a master’s degree but those who choose to will be highly benefited in their careers.

How about an online degree, how long will it take to complete that too? Earning an associate, bachelors or master’s degree online will take the same time. There is really not much difference in getting an online BS Accountancy degree or the traditional one. The period of your study will be the same and you can still proceed with your planned timeline for starting your career.

On the other hand, these periods are based on students who study full-time. Any accounting student who decides to study part-time will definitely finish later. If you want to pursue an accounting degree, you had better make sure that you will study full-time or else, your planned timeline for your career will be delayed. Thus, you will get a later start in your career.

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