BS Accountancy – Getting A Degree Online


If you are someone who needs to work and study at the same time or is someone who want to switch careers, you are better off getting a BS Accountancy Degree online. Yes, this is possible and you can continue your education even if you are currently working. Online degrees are very popular because of the convenience.

When getting an online BS Accountancy Degree, you should only look for accredited accounting degree programs. Employers will recognize these only online degrees when you start looking for a job. There are still employers who doubt the value of an online degree but once they see it is accredited, they will recognize the degree you are holding. More and more accredited online degree programs are offered online today. You will not have a hard time looking for one.

What are the things you should know about an online BS Accountancy Degree? The time you will spend in your online degree will actually depend on your schedule as opposed to a traditional school where you need to follow certain class schedules. This does not mean that you can slack off, as you need to complete weekly assignments as well. In fact, you will also have weekly quizzes just like classroom learning. There are online programs that will require you to login every day to participate in online lectures.

In an online BS Accountancy Degree, you will study the core accounting subjects and courses. The programs include business law, financial accounting, federal taxes, cost accounting, managerial accounting, financial management, accounting information system, intermediate accounting, auditing and marketing.

Since you will be taking your classes online, you must be computer savvy as well. You need to know the basic tech skills and know how to use the internet. Basic skills like surfing the World Wide Web, downloading files, composing and sending email and working on word processing applications are a must. In online teaching, everything is done digitally so you need to learn to keep up. This will not be a problem for the younger generation but for those who are older, it will need some adjusting.

If you are worried about the duration of your study, do not be. The time to complete an online BS Accountancy degree and the regular one is practically the same given that you are studying full-time. It will take 18 to 48 months to complete and after that, you can look for a job already. Later on, you can also pursue an online master’s degree if you wish to.

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