Be An Accountant – Reasons Why You Should Do It


In choosing a career path to take, have you thought about being an accountant someday? You might think that this is a boring office job as you are faced with numbers everyday but this is a total misconception. Accounting jobs are fun and enjoyable. It is very rewarding and you can benefit from the wide array of job opportunities.

Accountants are very important employees in any business or organization. Their profession is highly valued and respected. It can lead to multiple promotions, more benefits and even room for personal growth. Even the salaries of accountants are something to look forward. If you are still undecided and looking for reasons why you should become an accountant, here are the top reasons:

  • Highly Respected– If you are an accountant, you are highly respected by your peers, clients and even your bosses. The training that an accountant has to go through is no laughing matter. Accountants go through rigorous training and studying to make sure their calculations are always accurate. Other reasons why accountants are highly respected is because of their professionalism, career commitment, experience, expertise, technical aptitude and ethics.
  • Pay– In a career, the salary is an important aspect. Every day, you go to work to earn a living. Starting salaries for certified accounts are 10% more than that of non-certified accountants. In public accounting, earning $80,000 to $110,000 is the yearly average.
  • Job Satisfaction– When you are an accountant, job satisfaction will not be hard to achieve. You are always dressed professionally, traveling to different places and facing different challenges every day. All these factors will make you feel good about yourself and in turn, you will be very happy with what you are doing. Furthermore, accountants uphold integrity and honesty so it will be good for your morale too.
  • Job Security– There is a shortage for certified accountants today, which makes the profession more in demand. The employment rate for accountants shows no sign of slowing down in the next years. What this means for you is that you will have job security once you land your job as an accountant. In the competitive job market, job security is very important.

Being an accountant is a great career to choose. Aside from these top reasons, there will always be room for personal growth. Since you are earning well and happy with your job, your life will not be stressful. Just make sure you always do your work properly as any accounting mistakes are costly for a company.

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