5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming An Accountant


Becoming an accountant can be a very rewarding profession. Though some people think that being an accountant is boring and monotonous, other think that it is an opportunity for them to showcase their talents with numbers. No matter what reasons most accountants have for staying in their professions, they always seem to be successful in the career they have chosen.

If you are thinking of becoming an accountant, here are 5 reasons you might want to consider in pursuing this career:

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Many accountants will have to sit in front of their desks to process numbers from payroll and payables to taxes and tariffs, accountants may have minimal contacts with their peers. This is not the case for some firms as companies nowadays promote a more relaxed working environment, but it is a good idea to prepare one’s self in the event that you get to work for such company.

If you are the type who loves to mingle and be at the center of attention, you could give accounting a shot. If you cannot maintain your focus on the task at hand all day, then you might want to consider a career elsewhere.

  • Do you have plans after becoming an accountant?

Many people like being an accountant while some people use it as a stepping-stone to further their careers. If an accountant happens to have great people and relationship skills, he can consider a career in Finance. Many people in Finance are armed with accounting degrees, which help further with their jobs. Other accounting people are good with procedures and get to be promoted in Operations. Accounting is a pretty flexible degree you can use in almost any career you choose.

  • Do you have plans of starting your own business?

Being an accountant will help you tremendously when you plan to start your own business. You can work the ledger and monitor your profits. This will help you keep track on how effective and how soon you can start making money

  • Are you fond of studying and taking exams?

Being an accountant means taking at least 6 to 7 years of studying as well as passing a number of state licensure exams. Many accountants climb the corporate ladder because of the number of licenses they have under their belts. Many take further studies, taking up Master’s and PhD’s in Accounting.

  • How are you with computers?

Gone are the days when accountants do their jobs with pencils and fat ledgers. Many companies nowadays use complicated software to monitor payables and taxes. If you are good with computers, it will be easy for you to navigate and use basic accounting software.

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