Why Accelerated Online Degrees Are Such A Wise Choice For Tech Savy College Students


The United States Census Bureau reports that 28% of American adults over 25 have earned a bachelor’s degree. That degree has a big impact on their financial futures. People with bachelor’s degrees earn twice as much per year as their high school graduate counterparts. A master’s degree pays off even more, earning $1.3 million more over a lifetime compared to a high school graduate. Getting a college degree is much easier than it was 15 or 20 years ago.  Technology has made it possible for colleges and universities to offer their programs online. Some of these programs, the accelerated online degrees, enable the student to complete a degree in a very short period of time.

Non-traditional college students return to school for a host of reasons. Most of the time they want to upgrade and improve their skills so that they can get a better job with higher pay. Another reason sited for returning to school is that they are tired of their current job and want to train in another field. No matter what the reasons are for returning to school, the needs of the non-traditional adult college student are different from a high school graduate entering college at age 18. Some of these needs include flexible class schedules, flexible rate of progress toward earning the degree, an accredited program, financial assistance and choice of programs.

The characteristics of online college degree programs match the needs of the non-traditional student. Accredited colleges and universities offer associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of subjects. These include elementary education, library science, math, criminal justice, psychology and counseling, accounting, human resource management and many more.

Most students who return to college many years after high school graduation need a program that is able to fit in amongst their home and work obligations. Taking courses online is a perfect way to have the best of both worlds. Home and family obligations can be given the attention they require and students can work toward their degrees at the same time.

A flexible timetable for completion is a must for non-traditional students. Some students may want to complete the requirements for their degrees in record time. For other students, speeding through the program is not a priority. Thanks to new technology, online colleges and universities can fulfill the needs of students in both categories.

Students in an accelerated degree program can complete their degrees in about half the usual time, approximately two years. People considering an accelerated option must realize going in that the program will be twice as rigorous as the non-accelerated path. It is important that students can handle the stepped-up pace. Not everyone is able to accommodate such a program into his or her schedule.

Going to school online is such a wonderful alternative to attending school on campus. Programs have the flexibility that non-traditional students require. Programs are less expensive and the degrees from accredited colleges and universities are accepted by employers without issue.

The most attractive feature of accelerated online degrees is that the work can be completed anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can go to college in the pub, on the beach or in your living room. The old excuses that you have too many obligations or that no college is near you, are wiped away with online degree programs. You can now follow your heart and get the college degree you have always wanted.

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