A Career As A Software Engineer Can Bring Great Rewards!


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer software engineering is growing so fast, it is actually splitting into two definitive specialties: Software Systems Engineers and Applications Engineers. There’s some overlap between the two, but that isn’t stopping them from becoming two of the fastest growing fields in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. The best online degree would be one that got you into this growing field. This piece is devoted to the systems engineer.

A software system engineer must know how to handle the construction, maintenance and/or upgrading of a computers. This includes examining their employer’s IT needs and then implementing the additions and fixes. The job could also have them on their employer’s intranets. Intranets are the inside communications system linking the client’s computers, as well as the creation and implementation of security and data systems. If you need more information about graduate degree programs, look on the internet.

Systems engineers often work for the MIS departments of larger companies. They are also hiring out as independent consultants. In many cases, they may be part of a marketing or sales staff, providing logistical and technical support. As every company’s computer needs tend to be unique, software engineers help to identify and new needs and changes to existing systems.

While one can start with an Associate’s degree in Computer Science then work-study up, it’s better to get a Bachelor’s degree. Systems engineers also do a lot of work with hardware, so minors of mechanical and/or electronic engineering and math are also highly suggested. If one intends to eventually be a consultant, basic business courses are also a good idea. One needn’t go to a brick and mortar school. Many online colleges are highly recommended.

As the information technology arena is one of constant upgrading and evolution, many systems engineers continue until they have achieved their Masters and then their PhD. Then they maintain accounts with an online school to stay up to date. Employers often provide incentives or refunds for this as having up-to-date employees is just plain good business. There is an abundance of information about online accredited degrees on the web.

As the field is classified as growing faster than average (over 20% over the next decade), many organizations are offering financial aid to meet the demand. Not only can systems engineers go for standard Pell and state grants, but should contact the National Science Foundation for possible S-STEM scholarships. Also, companies such as Microsoft, Intel and IBM have both internship and scholarship programs for budding software geniuses. To get a full list, check with your college’s financial aid officer, as well as do some research on your own.

The compensation package for systems engineers is exceptional. The average salary is slightly over $92,000 and can go into the hundred thousand arenas as one rises up the corporate ladder. Benefits include bonuses and commissions, insurance and investment and retirement programs. Other perks are job specific.

Finding the best online university degree program means exploring grants and scholarships, as well as what individual corporations might be offering. An information techgnology degree offers the way into this and so many other technology fields.

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