Working As A Certified Nursing Assistant


A hospital, health clinic, or rehabilitation facility typically operates at a hectic pace to care for its many clients. The medical staff many times requires added support to help care for aging or ill patients. In this event, a certified nursing assistant provides this support to both registered and license practical nurses and undertake such roles as monitoring patients’ vital signs and giving them their medicines.

Because such a position demands a great deal of concentration and physical effort, people must learn how to work in such a capacity. They can take classes at a variety of locations, including colleges, universities, trade schools, or even medical facilities. In fact, some clinics and nursing homes offer training to people in exchange for new workers guaranteeing their employment at these facilities upon earning certification. Such an arrangement may involve their working at the location for a set amount of time per their contract.

Once they finish their training, assistants may begin to search for any available positions within their cities. It is well known that many positions tend to exist, as the need for skilled medical workers continues to rise in today’s job market. As such, they may consider whether they want to work part-time, full-time, or as needed, also known as PRN. If they have families, they may be able to choose hours that fit within their family’s schedules. Many positions begin early in the morning and end in the late morning or early afternoon hours. Other positions require them to work at night or during the midnight hours.

In their work positions, assistants work closely with other staff members and help take care of their patients. In fact, nurses typically have their assistants perform such tasks as listening to patients’ heartbeats, taking their pulses, and taking their blood pressure readings. This kind of monitoring proves vital for those patients who are very ill or who take medications that may affect such vital signs.

They also hand out medications to people whose medical treatments call for their taking antibiotics, heart pills, or other such oral medicines. Especially for those patients who are recovering from surgery or other serious illnesses, receiving these medications in a timely manner ensures their recovery. When a nurse is caring for other patients, an assistant fills the role to make sure that other patients get their medications when needed.

These workers also routinely help care for a patient’s hygienic needs. They may assist a patient in taking a shower or bath, as well as help that person to use the restroom. As such, assistants need to be able to lift considerable amounts of weight.

Many hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities need a certified nursing assistant to support their medical staff. People who work in this position train at a variety of locations before beginning their work in the health care field. They maintain a patient’s hygienic needs, distribute medications, and monitor vital signs throughout their shifts.

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