How Difficult Is A Microbiology Degree?


Microbiology is the career option for you if you want to know how the smallest thing or living thing works. It deals with the microorganisms such as bacteria, mitochondria, and viruses and how they affect other living organisms, the environment and the humans. Getting a degree in microbiology can be very challenging but very rewarding. Aspiring for a microbiology degree means a lot of hard work and you must have the thirst for knowledge in order for you to enjoy what you do. You will smell of chemicals after a day of spending your time in the laboratory.

If you want to be a microbiologist, you must build a strong foundation especially in writing, reading, computer science, math and communication. It is common for most microbiology degree holders later on to specialize in a specific area of expertise. Your course work in high school should include biology, physics, math and other helpful course in your quest for a microbiology degree. Learning foreign language may also be essential for exchanging important and critical information with foreign scientist worldwide. You also need to participate in different science fairs, clubs and other science related curricular activities. You should take advantage of summer internships or work as part time employee in research laboratory in a university or a science related company in order to gain hands on experience that may become useful when you graduate.

Various skills are also needed when you are taking a microbiology degree program. Proficiency with precision instruments is a skill an individual need in identifying and modeling organisms. The skills include the expert use of new laboratory technologies as well as high-tech microscopes. Another skill that is needed is the ability to recognize and identify microbes and significant discoveries. Being in this degree requires you to have high precision skills in identifying the microbes. You must be also keen in observing their behavior, characteristics and apply biological theory that may lead to new significant discoveries.

It is not easy to earn your degree in microbiology. General skills such as time management, working under time pressure, working with a small team, working independently, or working with minimal supervision will be experienced by someone taking a microbiology degree program. Having the above stated skills is surely hard to develop but will determine your professional success later on if achieved. Although a lot of skills, time, patience, perseverance, and effort are required in this degree program, it will surely give you a fruitful reward once you earn your degree especially for those people who love discovering new things.

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