Are Clinical Laboratory Science Degrees Available Online?


With the increasing population especially the number of aging baby boomers, more and more healthcare professionals will be needed. One of the in demand jobs nowadays are those of clinical laboratory scientists or also known as clinical or medical technologists. Clinical lab scientists or MLS are healthcare professionals who do basic laboratory tasks like bacteriological, hematological, chemical and microscopic diagnostic analysis involving the bodily fluids of patients and other types of specimen for health and research purposes.

Just like those common health and medical degrees like nursing and pre-med, clinical laboratory science degree programs are now also offered online by various schools and universities. Traditional universities and institutions through their online education program or department offer most of the accredited online clinical laboratory science degree programs. These kinds of online degree programs are very appropriate for those who lack basic resources needed in traditional learning and for those who want to make a career change but cannot afford to leave their current job until they finished their new course.

There are different types of professions and positions under laboratory science depending on the educational attainment of the person. If you want to obtain a job the soonest time possible under this discipline, you can take a 2-year course program also known as an associate degree in clinical laboratory science. After finishing your associate degree program, you can earn your diploma and already work as a Medical Laboratory Technician or MLT in various laboratories, offices and clinics.

Associate degree programs for aspiring medical laboratory technicians are usually offered by various community colleges and technical schools. Some of these traditional schools may offer online programs but the coursework usually include a 50-50 online and campus-based classes. While finishing the program, students can work part time jobs in laboratories as part of their hands on training and practicum so after they graduate, they already have work experience and qualify for entry-level medical or clinical laboratory technician jobs.

For those who want to earn higher income and get qualified for higher positions, bachelor’s degree programs in clinical laboratory science are also available online. This type of degree program results to a degree in laboratory science and can qualify graduates for better job opportunities as a medical laboratory technologist or clinical laboratory scientist. Online bachelor’s degree programs for aspiring MLS usually include 2 to 3 years of pure online lectures while the last 2 semesters require students to attend actual classes and practical training for proper supervision and evaluation.

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