Online Auto Mechanic Degree Program


Earning a college degree is extremely necessary in this modern and very competitive world. You would realize this fact when you start going out and looking for a job. But of course the reality is that not everyone enjoys the privilege of going to college to earn a degree. This, however, does not mean that there is no other means for you to be educated and trained to be qualified for a decent and well paying job. Through online education, earning a degree is definitely a possibility. And if you are fond of repairing cars and engines, then you had better take up an online auto mechanic degree program.

Auto mechanic is a special skill that anyone can learn to pursue a great career. If you are thinking of enrolling in an online school to take this course, you may choose from various degree programs.

Certificate Program

Also known as automotive service technician, an auto mechanic certificate degree program is aimed at providing a student with the knowledge necessary to successfully take the ASE or National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification exams. This program is available to those who do not have any technician’s certificate yet as well as to those who have their certificates but still wish to enhance their expertise in a particular area.

Certificate programs include courses that cover the major systems and parts used in modern automobiles. Students are then taught how to diagnose and resolve problems concerning these car parts. Some of the important subject would be wheel alignment, engine classification, electrical systems, gasoline injection systems, and automotive hand tools.

Associate’s Degree

Upon getting an ASE certification, a student will then be eligible to enroll in an associate’s degree in automotive technology, also through online education. This auto mechanic degree program is strongly recommended for those technicians with certificate, who are also looking for career advancement and higher pay.

Bachelor’s Degree

An online bachelor’s degree in auto mechanic is a 4-year program that involves the important subjects of repair shop management and operations. With that being said, having this degree enables students to successfully open and run their own car repair businesses. Graduates of this course are also qualified to work for others as managers or supervisors.

There are more important courses that are included in an online auto mechanic bachelor’s degree program, such as business law, accounting, and economics. Equally important are the courses that center on repair shop management, including occupational health and safety, finance, personnel management, and customer service.

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