How To Know If Your Online Degree Program Is Legitimate


Do you wonder if the online degree program that you took was legitimate or not? This is a fair and valid concern that should be addressed. Many people are growing with the growing industry of online degree programs. Every year, the population of online students is increasing to more than a million worldwide. This is not surprising since online learning presents many gains and benefits that people could take advantage of.

So how do you know if it is legitimate or not? It is sad to say that along with the growth of trusted online colleges and universities, there are those educational institutions that pretend to be legitimate. Therefore, it is important to discern which ones are genuine and which ones are not. The first thing you should do when searching for an online college would be their accreditation. The online degree program should be recognized by academic accrediting agency. This is very crucial to take into consideration since accreditation serves as a status symbol for many online colleges that they are legitimate and legally operating. If you cannot confirm their accreditation, you should be extra cautious because the risk of being scammed is high. It would be wise to cross out that online program from your list.

There are many signs that you can look out for to determine if an online degree is legitimate or not. For one, if that website continuously talks about payment and put a great emphasis on taking your money, they might just fool you. They might subtly do this by asking for your Credit Card information and somewhat ignore the importance of prerequisites such as diploma, transcripts, resumes, birth certificate, credentials, and examination scores. Otherwise, they would just promise you extraordinary things such as you can finish the entire course in just one month or unrealistically tells you that you will have the degree by just paying in lump sum. You should know that legitimate online schools would usually charge you according to the credit hours and will take more than three months to finish the course. Be careful also if that website is just talking much about promotional information. Legitimate online degree program websites would talk about their credentials, accomplishments, track records, and curriculum.

To make sure you are in the right track, always ask questions. Do not be afraid to probe or make inquiries. By then, you will have a general idea if that website is legitimate or not. Making sure if you are in the right online website is very vital to avoid future problems and regrets.

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