Getting A Degree In Anything From Any Location With A Distance Education Program


In the past, people almost always had to go to a school located near them, or move to be near the school they wanted to attend. There were the odd distance learning programs here and there, but they were extremely rare. Now, distance learning is more common than ever, and there are more programs available than ever.

Correspondence courses were the name given to old-style distance learning programs. These programs consisted of an assigned textbook and assignments that you would complete and send back to your teacher via the mail. A local school could provide supervision for taking certain exams. While they have fallen out of favor, many of these courses still exist.

After the internet became common, many of these courses rapidly transitioned to an online format. Online distance education programs started out pretty much the same as correspondence courses, only using email instead of snail-mail, but with the increasing frequency of high-speed access, programs expanded. Nowadays, an online course might include chats, streaming video interactions, software use, and other modern teaching tools.

Some distance learning programs also refer to themselves as low-residency or no-residency. These terms denote the amount of time a student must spend on the campus where the program is located. No-residency programs may provide opportunities on campus, but there are no required meetings. Low-residency programs have a few face-to-face meetings required, on a certain schedule. A few days at the beginning of each semester is common.

Older programs were aimed mostly at working professionals who could not take time off or move to go back to school full time. But programs these days are targeted at everyone– working professionals, stay at home moms, people who work nights, and anyone in a situation where full time residential programs wouldn’t work.

Depending on the degree you are pursuing, you may find it easier or harder to find a program online or through distance learning. In general, the sciences are still difficult to teach over the internet, though many programs do try. But the needs of most degree-seekers can be met if they look around enough.

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