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Become A Nurse The Right Way
One part of the economy that continues to grow is the health care industry. This is welcome news for anyone wanting to become a nurse. To achieve this goal you must map out your objectives, and continue your education. How to become a nurse the smart way is the plan you need to achieve success as a nurse.

There are numerous ways to become a nurse. Many become an assistant to a nurse. This entry level position allows you to continue working while gaining real world experience. Other people go right to nursing school once they have graduated high school. This path allows you to earn your nursing degree and start your career as a Registered Nurse right from the start.

Many start their career by becoming a Certified Nurse’s Aide. To become certified in this position a 6 to 12 week program is mandatory. You learn the basics of medicine in this certificate program. Certified aides can become an in the home nurse’s aide. The need for competent nurse assistants is ongoing.

The LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse is the next logical step up. Successful completion of a certified one year program is required to become a LPN. The LPN program offers traditional classroom instruction and in the hospital training. To become a certified LPN you need to complete successfully a test issued by your state.

Many Licensed Practical Nurses want to continue their education and become Registered Nurses. There are a couple of paths you can follow to accomplish this. One way is to shoot for an associates degree or AND. The second choice is to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. Some will want to continue working as a LPN while they earn their diplomas. Many online programs offer the means to earn a degree in 12 to 18 months. You continue you to work full time and work toward your degree as time permits. The benefit of this training method is you will receive the in the field training where you already work.

Naturally some people would rather learn in a classroom setting. Keep in mind that this method of learning may put your nursing career on hold until you graduate. Most nurses work different shift schedules from one week to the next. You should discuss with you current supervisor all options that might be available to you.

The opportunities offered to nurses are unlimited. Some nurses continue as anesthesiologists. Still others become midwives. Becoming specialized offers Registered Nurses exciting career paths.

There is an acute shortage of qualified nurses. Never before has the demand for nurses been so great. This allows nurses to pursue rewarding careers. The average life span of people continues to increase. This fact alone means a lack of nurses in the immediate future. Hospitals actively seek out excellent nurses, and they are well rewarded for their talents. All LPNs should consider the benefits that online education has to offer. Earning your degree and becoming a full fledged RN is indeed a worth while career goal.

To address the nursing shortage, Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs were introduced and now make it possible to get your BSN in just 12 to 15 months.

Author: John Maxted