Petroleum Engineering Degrees

The Highest Paying Degree For 2012

Petroleum engineering is one of the most highly sought after fields across any job industry or specialization. Pursuing your education in this field can quickly land you in a high paying and rewarding position that helps you make the most of your talents and your life. Take a look at some of the basic information about petroleum engineering and how you can join the profession for yourself.

So why is petroleum engineering so popular, anyway? Well, for prospective students, this is the highest paying bachelors degree straight out of finishing your education that you can find anywhere. Different surveys estimate the starting salary for this field at between $85,000 and $100,000. That’s of course extremely high and it makes the study very intriguing to bright students everywhere.

The industry can afford to pay this kind of huge salary because the oil business is perhaps the biggest and most lucrative all across the globe. Almost everything we do relies on some degree to oil, and the huge companies that enmeshed in the industry make massive profits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

When you graduate with a petroleum engineering degree, there are a few different areas of focus or different tasks and responsibilities that you could have. The first is the ability to locate, find and analyze oil reserves. You need to be able to study geographical data and a variety of other information to find out where the oil is, how much of it is there, what kind of state it’s in and what quality it all is.

Another main focus for the individual in petroleum engineering is finding out the best and most efficient way of retrieving or extracting the oil. This of course is of huge importance as well. This in large part determines the viability of different locales, wells, drills and extraction points, which projects should be undertaken and how they should be accomplished.

Finally, petroleum engineering also involves transportation and other issues regarding the oil industry and the oil itself. Discovering new, more environmentally sound procedures is also of the highest importance these days.

There are a few different areas of interest that you should be well versed and knowledgeable in. The sciences including physics, chemistry and geology are all extremely important, and mathematics are crucial as well. A thorough understanding of the computer sciences may also be important with an increasing reliance on technology.

A petroleum engineering bachelors degree can get you into this exciting profession immediately. However, many individuals also pursue masters degrees and other furthered education programs to get even more specialized training in the field.

There is truly an unending range of possibilities when it comes to petroleum engineering. You can end up working in exciting foreign locales or traveling the world, and you will enjoy extremely high paying positions. The highest bachelors degree salary is within petroleum engineering, so this is an exciting field that you should consider joining.

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