Mining and Minerals Engineering Degrees

The field of mining and mineral engineering is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are several different reasons for this. But what’s most important for the prospective student to know is that this kind of degree can lead to a huge array of great career choices, and it can earn you a very profitable living from the first day you enter the workforce.

A recent survey by that National Association of Colleges and Employers compared the average starting salary for just about every degree that’s available. Mineral mining rose all to the way to lofty number 3 position in the most recent survey. It says that the average starting salary for individuals with this kind of education is well over $60,000 per year, coming in at exactly $64,552.

Obviously that’s a huge figure for somebody to earn, and it makes the field very enticing to students of all types. Imagine what you could accomplish while raking in that kind of cash right off the bat? But more than just the money itself, it also shows how this position is in huge demand. Employers wouldn’t be paying that much for salary if they didn’t highly value the work that was done and the individuals that were working for them in that capacity.

As you might guess, with a mining and mineral education you will typically be working in the mining industry. This can include many different specific responsibilities or areas of focus. Some of the most important include the location and analysis of ore deposits and minerals of all kinds, along with developing extraction methods and improving on the mining process itself.

More important than ever before for the industry are reforms for environmental regulation, and worker safety as well. It’s often up to the mining and mineral engineer to develop environmentally sound extraction, mining and refining plans that don’t make the business a menace to the local community, or run afoul of the federal government.

In terms of worker safety, it’s all about using the right kinds of tools and having the right processes in place. Improving logistics, communications, transportation and more are also concerns for the mining or mineral engineer. Often times mining engineers also work hand in hand with other experts, including geologists, researchers and chemical engineers to develop solutions to complex problems.

You can absolutely enter the workforce in this profession and start to bring in that kind of high salary with a bachelors degree. However, many individuals in this field actually continue their education to receive either a masters degree or a PhD. Obviously the more education that you receive, the higher you can potentially rise, but it’s not a necessity to get your foot in the door either.

With the large salaries and demand currently on offer you may be wondering what is the fastest way to get a mining and mineral engineering degree. This can be achieved through accelerated online degree programs through one of the many respected online colleges and schools. With a bit of hard work, and maximizing the advantages of an accelerated mining and mineral engineering degree program, you can earn your bachelors degree in two years and be well on your way to the rewards available to graduates in this field.

The number 3 degree on those that offer the highest average starting salary is none other than mining and mineral engineering. From developing new, safer techniques and environmentally sound protocols, to locating and analyzing stockpiles of ore and mineral and more, there are many potential opportunities in this dynamic and highly sought after field.

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