Chemical Engineering Degrees

Chemical Engineering has long been one of the most highly sought after degrees that individuals can receive. Today, they are popular with students and can open the doors to a wide range of exiting career opportunities. They are also near the top in a very important area which has more students than ever before seeking out this path of education and the resulting profession.

The list in reference is the recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers that puts Chemical Engineering in the number 2 position behind Petroleum Engineering for the highest average starting salary. The figure is over $65,000 for the starting salary for an individual with a Chemical Engineering degree, which is of course fantastic. This high salary is one of the major reasons for the growth of the field.

But the field wouldn’t be able to grow, prosper and offer these high salaries if there wasn’t great demand from prospective employers. This field is expected to provide steady job growth for quite some time, because it’s not something that is going to be outdated, and many companies are still really just diving in to using these kinds of professionals properly.

A chemical engineer is going to work on solutions to all kinds of different problems. The end result is that hopefully he or she will be able to help bring a new product to market, bring a new raw material or resource into industry or manufacturing, develop a new means extraction or production and on down the line. Basically, it’s taking the raw results of science and nature and advancing it to where it can be used by businesses and consumers.

This is a discipline then that cuts across many different fields. Of course the oil and petroleum business has great usage for this, but so do all kinds of other manufacturers. The paper business, consumer electronics, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical manufacturers and much more all have great needs for chemical engineering, and that’s just the beginning.

As the government works with environmental regulations, industry oversight and consumer protection, there’s also an increasing need for individuals on that side of the fence. Here, the degree will often allow you to work in either inspecting or advising roles, or in problem solving for government run organizations and the military.

If you’re interested in chemical engineering, a good place to start will be with a background in the sciences. Of course, chemistry is the primary concern, but biology and physics can also play a role, and mathematics and the computer sciences are also important. A diverse set of skills and capabilities will be necessary to succeed.

A lot of prospective chemical engineering students are looking for a way to get their degree as quickly as possible. This can be achieved through accelerated online degree programs that are now being offered by many respected online schools and institutions. With an accelerated program, and some effort and determination, you can earn your bachelors of chemistry degree in as little as two years. This is certainly the the quickest way to earn a chemistry degree.

Hopefully by now you have a good idea about what you can expect from chemical engineering. It’s a growth field and it’s popular with prospective students for its amazingly large starting salary, and the prospect of diverse and exciting careers. Enrolling with the right online program can see you thriving for yourself in this field in no time at all.

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