6 Popular Career Opportunities For Psychology Graduates


To be able to work for most psychology jobs, it is a basic requirement for psychology degree holder to pursue a higher education. If they want to practice what they learned then this is just one of the deterrents psychology graduates have to face. However, the truth is there are many job opportunities that need the knowledge and skills of an individual who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. By careful explorations and analysis of the current situation, you would soon find a career that complements your personality, preference and skills.

One of the most popular career opportunities for psychology graduates is to work as a sales representative. Since psychology degree enables individuals to study human relation and the proper communication skills, many employers prefer them to be in a sales or marketing position.

Other area that a graduate of psychology can benefit from is the advertising field. This field requires its workforce to have the necessary persuasion skills, which is a major topic in psychology. One may find it very interesting to research on a target population and at the same time strategize plans and implementation to promote and sell a product or service.

Though others may find other field of interests, some psychology graduate still wants to work directly on a career related to their learning. These could be a social work assistant, mental health technician and psychiatric technician. Most of the time, individuals will work under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist. This could be a good step to prepare yourself if you have plans to take a graduate psychology degree.

Career counselor could also be a good career avenue for psychology graduate. If you enjoy helping people achieve their full potential and being part of their growth, this is an ideal job for you. Career counselors help people find their suitable job; assist them in case of shifting jobs and helping people to recover from a loss of job.

Career Opportunities for Psychology GraduatesAs a graduate of psychology, individuals had a great deal of time and effort spent in writing. In the process, students had developed writing skills. Many companies are currently looking for individual who can write for them to promote their products. You can also become a freelance writer and be hired by employers or simply you can publish your own work and sell them.

Market researchers could utilize basic skills and knowledge of psychology graduates. As a researcher, you are tasked to do surveys, collecting data and analyzing these results. This could be an easier job because psychologists are already trained in doing scientific and statistical methodologies.

These are just some of the job opportunities that a psychology graduate might try to consider. Just be open-minded and be aware of the current trends and you will soon be on your way for your dream career.

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