Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Career In Nursing


The nursing profession is now facing a great shortage of work force. With the increasing incidence of new and prevailing diseases, healthcare services begin to feel the rising demand on their expertise. Nurses, as part of the medical team, play an indispensable role in taking care of patients. They are the ones who directly handle patients and spend more time with them than any other healthcare members spend. As the years pass by, less and less professional nurses are produced each year. This is the main reason that the government is trying to do their best to fill in the gap. They make necessary steps to promote and endorse nursing as a viable and attractive career path for many individuals.

So why is it the perfect time to start a career in nursing? The answer is simple. There is a great demand for nurses. According to many studies conducted in many countries, the shortage for nurses is high and this will remain for the many years to come. It is a fact that many nations are now facing dire economic crisis but this does not change the fact that people still needs medical care. People will inevitably seek treatment and management for maintaining and restoring health.

Another good reason that you may consider why now is the perfect time to start a nursing career is because of the high salary. Nurses are one of the highest paid members in a medical team. A fresh graduate can easily start working with an above average salary grade. Most nurses you will meet are well off and financially fulfilled.

There are many subtypes of nursing which you can choose aside from the traditional registered nurse. Individuals can choose to be a licensed practicing nurse, nursing assistant or licensed vocational nurse. These career paths or specializations have different level of expertise and duration of training.

No matter how you look at it, graduate nurses are guaranteed to land a job. They have a very wide range of job prospects. Though the very fact that there is a shortage of nurses is very well established, people who have nursing degree can still choose other related field of practice. This is made possible because of the broad application of nursing knowledge and skills.

Nursing career is definitely one of the most famous and prestigious occupation. More and more people are now recognizing this and made a decision to take this path. This is the perfect time for you to make that same decision, which will undoubtedly change your life.


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