Is Online Education A Scam or Is It Legitimate?


There are employers and teachers that will automatically disregard the credibility of online education. Why is this? First, these people still believes in traditional learning and second, they have not come across an online school that is reputable and credible. Gone are the days when online education is to be doubted. However, there are still exceptions.

With the popularity of online courses, scam artists will try their best to steal money from people. These fraudulent individuals and companies will be unavoidable in the World Wide Web as everyone has the freedom to make their own website and market it. On the other hand, there are those legitimate ones who will really try to build a good reputation for themselves to set them apart from the scam artists.

Is online education a fraud? It is certainly not, if you know how to pick an online learning institution that is legitimate. You cannot really blame employers if they are thinking twice about paying for your online master’s program because they want to make sure that the money is well spent. To make sure that you are only enrolling in legitimate online learning institutions, here are some things you can check:

First, start your search for online courses with accredited colleges and universities. Start by searching for online courses offered by established colleges and universities offline. There is a good chance that these famous colleges and universities have created their own online program for students abroad and for working students.

Another way to search for accredited colleges and universities is to seek those that have made a good name online. There are online learning institutions that are purely internet-based. You cannot just pick any online degree to enroll in because even if you get the degree, some employers will not recognize it and might even think it is a fraud. It is better to stick with those schools that are known for their reputation and quality education online.

The next way to make sure that the online degree you want to enroll in is not a scam is by checking its accreditation. An education provider will always list down its credentials in its website. Some online education providers will use the name of a famous college just to get students to enroll. In this case, you need to verify if there is really a partnership or accreditation involved.

With online education, you should also practice caution when choosing an education provider to attend. Sure, there are scam artists out there but there are more legitimate online learning institutions that you can find. You just have to take time in researching and verifying information to avoid being duped.

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