What do Employers Think of Accelerated Degree Programs?


One of the largest trends in education today is the accelerated degree. Accelerated degree programs have become one of the standard bearers in terms of the current options available for students looking to obtain a degree. Still, the question remains, what do employers think about accelerated degree programs, and do they offer the same advantages of traditional institutions and programs?

First, it’s important to understand what exactly an accelerated degree is. It gets you the same place that you would be going with a traditional program, that is, a fully accredited degree of your choosing, typical a bachelors degree. It just gets you there in a fraction of the time, often taking about half or even less the time than a normal program would.

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for employers to look down on accelerated degree programs. These were new concepts, and anything that was taken apart from the old-school, traditional system, was viewed as being suspect. Therefore, students who achieved their diploma with this kind of system sometimes had difficulty really applying it out there in the real world and the work force.

Luckily this is no longer the case today. Now employers actually hold accelerated degree programs in very high esteem. There are several different reasons for this, and they all add up to great results for those interested in pursuing an accelerated degree. You no longer have to worry about potential backlash or disrespect just because of the means you used to finish a degree.

First, so many individuals have gotten started with these programs that it’s a trend that can no longer be ignored or put down. It’s not a tiny niche anymore, it’s becoming mainstream, and employers have to adapt. More students are choosing this path, and as a result, it’s been brought into more of the “normal” view of education, instead of being held apart as being something different.

Along the same lines, universities are adapting to this too, which means more of the best and biggest names in education are offering their own accelerated degree programs. This lends even more credibility to the movement, and opens more doors to you when you’re searching for places to attend and learn from.

Plus, many employers actually hold an accelerated degree at a notch above a traditional degree. This is because individuals who completed accelerated degree programs have already shown great dedication, commitment, work ethic and capability. They’ve chosen for themselves to move quicker than others, to take a higher work load in order to reach their goals, and they successfully completed their journeys.

A lot has changed in the world of college and education over the past decade, and even during the past few years. Today, accelerated degree programs are fully accepted as the equals of traditional programs, and for many, they are thought of as being even greater. Therefore, there’s no reason to not get involved with the program of your choice today.

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